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Power Pilates

​ How Power Pilates came about


Carolina completed Clinical Pilates training in 2011. That same year, when she started as an instructor, she felt that Pilates was a type of exercise that wasn’t able to target the general public. At the time, it was aimed mainly

at improving posture and targeted at older people.


At the time, she was working in a clinic, and her students were people with some physical limitations.

These students quickly improved and the need arose to increase the difficulty of their exercises in order

to see continued improvement, without neglecting the principles that support Clinical Pilates.


Carolina has focused exclusively on Pilates since 2014, and has undergone further training that has enabled her to specialise in women's health. She developed the Power Pilates method, inspired by techniques such as Neopilates and functional training, and especially by the needs of those who attend her classes.

"I'm very grateful that in 2014 I came across Carolina as a physiotherapist as well as her Pilates method, PowerPilates. It's by far the best thing I can do for my body and soul. I’ll be addicted to Power Pilates until I’m old!” 

—  Joana Gaspar

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